Droptree is a film and post production company based in Portland, OR.

Whew got that out of the way. Now, what are we really about?

If life is full of irony, we’re the poster children. Buttoned up at our craft, while wearing sweat shorts and mismatched socks. We might not take ourselves too seriously, but we don’t mess around when it comes to our work and doing right by our partner agencies and clients. Because it is just that – a partnership. And if there are any directors or producers out there who have a tendency to forget that simple notion, you won’t find them here.

A true partnership is built to last and that’s why our slogan is: Shoot It AND Edit It!™. The same faces from set will be right there alongside you in post slogging through the trenches frame by frame if need be. And if you want to take post somewhere else? No problem. You’ll mess up our slogan, but we’ll live.

Sounds great right? But none of this means squat if our work sucks. So stop reading, hit some play buttons, and start quietly judging us from afar already!